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Fully renovated in a traditional style by local artisans, the Terrasses Vertes pays homage to the Moroccan way of life.

Its charm can be felt even before you enter. The massive door, with two palm trees either side, stands out proudly from the ochre coloured wall. Behind the door, a haven of Oriental peace unveils all its charms.

The patio is a subtle blend of shaded archways and luxuriant greenery, an invitation to peaceful relaxation, punctuated by the murmur of a tranquil fountain. Above, the terrace offers a front row seat for a dazzling show, against the unique backdrop of the Atlas mountains.

The warm lights, colourful carpets, soft cushions, fireplace and other typical Moroccan decoration in the large, welcoming lounge give it a noble feel.

The three bedrooms offer a high level of comfort. Each has its own particular identity, and is decorated in individual shades - guaranteed to fill your Moroccan nights with exotic dreams.